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An Interactive Reading App for Kids

Your child’s first touch with reading and ABCs

From the creators
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For kids ages 3 and up

And for parents who know the benefits of reading and that it starts way before school.

Letter B

Real children, real ABCs!

Real children reading stories, combined with letters, words, and picture puzzles.

Hugging book

An early literacy app

Let your child develop a love for reading before they learn to read!

Story tap

Interactive Reading!

Real kid “teachers” will read interactive stories to your child every day, just like you would read on a relaxed sunny day.


Words, made of sounds!

Your child will build words and hear what sounds different letter-combos make. This is one way teachers teach reading, and we just added FUN to the picture.

Letter K Cook

Real letters!

Inspired by Montessori principles, your child will learn letter names by playing with known materials and shapes from her/his world.

Kids on a boat

The love of stories is key!

Your child will follow along with our kid expert to: find objects, build letters, travel through the stories, and combine words! This builds a love of stories – the #1 prerequisite for success in school and in life.

Child goals

Feedback on your child’s reading level!

Reading Blubs starts with an extensive assessment that determines your kid’s reading level and gives recommendations on where to start.

Reading for kids

Resource for parents!

Parents! We are your one-stop website for everything reading related. Visit our blog page for interesting articles on reading; how to start, when to read, what to read, and all other tips & tricks!

Reading Blubs is Dyslexic-friendly!

Open Dyslexia typeface
A structured literacy approach
Low contrast backgrounds

From the creators of Speech Blubs!

Speech Blubs is the #1 speech-boosting app! It has been approved by speech therapists around the world, has been downloaded over 2 million times, has been featured in various publications, and is the owner of many prominent awards & certificates.

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